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Experience with us tandem jump from the plane right above one of the seven wonders of the world. Only few people every year can try this experience. Become one of them and bring from Egypt back with you a memory that will be never forgotten until rest of your life.

Tandemový seskok v Egyptě přímo nad pyramidami

Egyptian pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world and you can see them from the bird's eye view. We are one of the few in the world offering tandem parachute jumps with very experienced Czech instructors in cooperation with the Egyptian Army. Of course we also do provide all the necessary documents, authorizations and Army Special plane.


There is a lot to look forward too. Pyramids are absolutely fascinating. Until today it is not really clear when or how they been built. There are different sources and information's. In some it is said that they are 4000 years old, in another 15000 years old or even 67 000 years old. The only sure fact is that interest and curiosity about pyramids is trendendous and that goes for the scientist s and tourist as well.

We are also fascinated by the whole Egypt and the pyramids. At the same time, tandem parachute jumps are that we live for, so we've decided to go to Egypt , we knew that it will be impossible without parachutes. And if we will be already in Egypt, of course we want to jump above the best spot which are the pyramids. And wait, we will not only jump above them, we will laso land near them. YES, you got that right. Then we will also check them out.


Unbelievable right? But that's exactly how is it. We have put together absolutely one of a kind experience for anyone and everyone, who wants to try tandem parachute jump and at the same time wants to experience something extraordinary on top of that. It is so simple, yet absolutely awesome.

In the morning we will transfer you from the hotel to the Army base in Cairo. There we will do an easy short training about your upcoming jump and we will provide you with all the necessary equipment. Right after that the Army plane C-130 Hercules will be ready to take us right above the pyramids not jump level of 15000 feet.



After the green light comes on in the cabin, we will jump together with the camera man and you will enjoy the unique view above pyramids and the whole area in a way, that nobody from the usual visitors will ever experience, from the bird's eye view. When the parachute goes opens , you will have a chance to control the parachute above the most famous historical monument under the supervision of an experienced professional. Yes, that is an amazing experience that you will never forget, believe us.

When we will land in the area of the pyramids, you can directly grab something to eat and drink in our base camp near the pyramid of Khufru. There you will also find all you belongings, which were bought by the bus directly from the Airport. The same buss will then take you also back to your hotel. But first, we will check out and explore the whole area of the pyramids.

This whole experience and trip also includes few free days in Cairo. You can visit for example Egyptian museum which is one of the most interesting spots on Earth or you can enjoy Nile cruise.

We are so exited, last year has been fantastic and we fell, that this year will be even better. Come and join us on one of a kind pyramids experience. Our paratroopers with more than 8000 tandem jumps on their sleeve can't wait to fly with you in the Sahara air. Trust us, when you will get back, you will have a lot to talk about.




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